Is fat loss your goal?

Fat loss always seems to be associated with traditional cardio, hours of monotonous running or cycling in the hope of a better body. But why? Past generations have promoted the use of running and cycling to lose fat for a few reasons. 1- They didn't know any different. 2- It was easy to do. 3- It was accessible. Cardio is an outdated method for fat loss these days. 1- It takes time. 2- It's boring. 3- It doesn't provide optimal results. So what other way is there to optimally lose fat?   Strength training Strength training will help you build and maintain muscle mass while increasing strength and bone density. Increasing muscle mass through...

Why you should consider cutting dairy

There are many reasons why you should consider cutting dairy from your diet. Whether it's due to a recently diagnosed intolerance or just an overall lifestyle change there are multiple reasons you could benefit from cutting dairy from your diet. Dropping some weight Dairy is high in fats which is the most calorie dense macronutrient holding a whopping 9 calories per gram in comparison to carbs and protein which only contain 4 calories per gram. This isn't to say that fats are bad (let's not go down that rabbit hole in this blog) They are just calorie dense and therefore should be controlled. No more...

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