We Specialise In Helping Kirkby-In-Ashfield Locals Get In Shape And Lose Weight

We’re your dedicated local gym, proudly serving the Kirkby-in-Ashfield community and its surrounding areas in their pursuit of weight loss, improved health, enhanced strength, and peak fitness.

At our facility, you’ll find friendly, patient, and expertly trained coaches, ready to be your guiding light in your fitness journey, no matter where you’re starting.

Our speciality lies in top-tier strength and conditioning coaching, delivered through small, intimate group sessions. It’s the perfect blend of group motivation and the individualised attention you’d expect from one-on-one personal training, all at a cost that won’t break the bank.

Our daily group sessions are thoughtfully tailored to target specific muscle groups and deliver full-body conditioning workouts. This approach helps our clients build lean muscle mass, boost their fitness levels, and reach their personal performance goals.

What’s even more remarkable is that every session can be adapted to suit all levels, from newcomers to seasoned fitness enthusiasts. Our highly trained professional coaches are there to offer expert guidance at every step.

But that’s not all – our personal nutrition and lifestyle coaching adds the finishing touch to your journey. It’s the secret sauce that has helped countless clients achieve truly remarkable results.

Join #TEAMMOVEMENT and let’s work together to make your fitness goals a reality.

2020-01-05 Momentum Gym0012 Kerrie Rowing Portrait


Meet Kerrie, the co-owner and head coach of Movement. As a dedicated personal trainer for over 8 years, he has been relentlessly pursuing self-improvement to deliver the utmost quality of guidance and service possible.


Meet Aaron, the co-owner and head coach of Movement. With over 9 years of coaching experience, Aaron has developed an extensive knowledge not only in health and fitness but also in understanding people and their habits. Cultivating strong, positive habits is a pivotal step toward attaining success in your fitness journey.

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