member transformations AND testimonials

transformations AND testimonials

Don’t just take our word for it, here are some transformations and testimonials from our members!

matt bailey

I started my weight loss journey with another gym in October 2019, weighing in at 18st 12lb. Although I lost 2 stone, I wasn’t enjoying the experience I was about to give up. The gym was then taken over by Aaron and Kerrie, so I decided to give it another chance. So glad I did! It was a completely different experience. I went from not looking forward to going to classes to now being disappointed if I can’t make it. The changes I’ve seen in my physical appearance have been amazing! Even through lockdown, I’ve managed to keep losing weight with the online zoom group sessions. I’m now at 14st 7lb, so over 4st lost. I cannot recommend this gym enough.

If you’re looking for a gym that really cares and will help you achieve your goals, then look no further. Movement Health and Fitness is the place to go. Coaches Aaron and Kerrie will provide you with all the information, encouragement and motivation you need. It’s not a breeze, they will work you hard. But the reward is the results you will achieve and also the satisfaction of being a part of the Movement family. Warning: addiction guaranteed.
Jennifer Campbell


I joined Movement in support of my partner who after Lockdown wanted to tone up and lose a little weight. She had been given good feedback from a friend regarding the gym.
We decided to both sign up for the Primal Shred programme which lasts 8 weeks but first did 2 weeks before the programme started to get used to the structure of the classes.
Before joining Movement my weight was 17st 7lbs but with the guidance of Aaron and Kerrie over the next 10 week my weight dropped to 15st 13lbs and a total inch loss of 24.5.
I found the classes enjoyable and well structured within a friendly relaxed environment. There is a mixture of abilities and ages among the members and all are encouraging to one another’s development and personal achievements.

I’d recommend anyone who wants to make a positive lifestyle change to join Movement ..... I’m glad I did.

Aaron and Kerrie are completely committed to working with you in setting and achieving your goals whether it’s weight loss or general fitness. Aaron works with me through personal training sessions and he knows how to get the best of me through encouragement as well as ensuring my mobility is correct before training. I highly recommend Movement if you live in the Nottingham area. They have also ensured all members are safe and social distance measures are carried out and after every session equipment is cleaned.
Chris Allan

Lisa Bailey

I joined the Movement team and signed up to the Primal Movement course at the end of January 2020. I honestly haven’t looked back since joining, it’s the best decision I have ever made. The course lasted for 12 weeks and included nutritional advice, group training sessions and a check in meeting every 4 weeks. My weight, measurements and pictures were taken, along with a short fitness test at each of these check points. It was a great motivator and kept me accountable. When I completed the course I had lost 1st 7lbs and a total of 24.5 inches. I was amazed! I didn’t just lose weight and inches. I gained strength, a healthier lifestyle and confidence! Whilst in lockdown I’ve continued to track my nutrition and attended daily online Zoom sessions. These things have been a lifesaver! The support from Kerry and Aaron has been incredible throughout and I’m looking forward to continuing on this journey with Team Movement. I urge anyone who wants to make a change, to make a commitment and sign up. You won’t regret it!

Would recommend the place to anybody. Aaron and Kerrie really do a great job to set varied and challenging classes that are suitable for everyone. You will be pushed to challenge yourself and get the best results.
Richard Coe

stuart perry

I first started having personal training sessions with Aaron in May 2018 after by previous trainer moved areas. I must say that I was very apprehensive at first but before long I knew that I had made the correct decision. right from the start I found that Aaron was very knowledgeable and extremely patient. Having been told that I would never be able to do a full squat I think he made it his mission to enable me to perform the squat with correct form. He has loads of little tricks up his sleeves to help you achieve the impossible. Over the last two years I have progressed in leaps and bounds not only in performing the exercises but my completely changing my body shape. This has given me a lot more confidence not only with my body but as a person. He consistently pushes/encourages you to lift heavier weights by varying the styles of your own personal training programme. Since he and Kerrie have opened their own gym - I have also got to know Kerrie, who specialises in training ladies. Must say she is equally as knowledgeable. Both of them are very professional, friendly and always ready to lend a helping hand. Since being in the pandemic they have not forgotten about their members. They have set up twice daily classes, along with PT sessions - both of which are run through the Zoom app. All in all I would highly recommend them both to help you get the best out of your workouts and get you in the best shape possible. Give them a try - just know you won't be disappointed.

Can't recommend this place enough. Kerrie and Aaron are fantastic, know their stuff and really get you focused, plus you won't find a nicer bunch of members
Sarah Bland


Weight loss - 23kg
Inches lost around waist - 7
inches lost around hips - 10.5
Time frame - 8 Months

Small group sessions with a friendly bunch of people, everyone supports and encourages each other, the coaches are true experts and always make sure your technique is correct or if you can’t do a certain exercise they will always find an alternative. The workouts are planned and thought through so you get the best results possible.
Stacy Darnell


At first I found it quite hard to plan my food diary for the day, to see what fit. But I’m slowly getting there. It’s making me try different foods, different meals that I wouldn’t have normally eaten. I have given up drinking pop really, stick mainly to water now. I’m finding the workouts good, I like that we can do them when it suits us, and I like that they make me sweat. So I feel like I’ve achieved something. I’ve used my fitness pall for a while to track my foods, but only sporadically used it. Having it monitored makes me make sure I do it daily. I like the group, I like that every one is able to share and ask questions and say if we’re struggling or doing well.

Love this gym. Aaron and Kerrie are great at what they do and so friendly. If you want to transform yourself with some excellent small group strength and conditioning workouts this is the place to be.
Kelly Giles-Davidson


Absolutely loving it! Really enjoying the work outs and feeling stronger, it helps that i can do it in my own time around college and work and already have one planned rather than having to create one myself. Its really helped to make me love working out again rather than it being a chore! Took a few days to get my head around the macros, i’ve always struggled with this, I surprisingly found it hard at first to eat enough calories! I find it way easier to eat unhealthy calories than healthy but really enjoying learning more about good foods and macros. The group us really nice and friendly and i find it motivating to have people encourage each other! cant wait for what’s to come!

A gym with a difference! Every member is expertly assisted to achieve their personal goals. Great for one-to-one PT training, expert advice and coaching on the correct technique to build performance, strength and health. Excellent advice on nutrition designed to support individual training programmes, highly recommended for anyone, regardless of level of fitness and experience, everyone is made to feel very welcome
Sharon Collins