Is fat loss your goal?

Fat loss always seems to be associated with traditional cardio, hours of monotonous running or cycling in the hope of a better body.

But why?

Past generations have promoted the use of running and cycling to lose fat for a few reasons.

1- They didn’t know any different.

2- It was easy to do.

3- It was accessible.

Cardio is an outdated method for fat loss these days.

1- It takes time.

2- It’s boring.

3- It doesn’t provide optimal results.

So what other way is there to optimally lose fat?


Strength training

Strength training will help you build and maintain muscle mass while increasing strength and bone density.

Increasing muscle mass through strength training will also aid in fat loss through an increased metabolic rate.


High Intensity interval training (HIIT) helps you burn a lot of calories in a short amount of time when done properly.

HIIT should be performed only for a short amount of time due to how much effort is required for each working section.

Weight training (Hypertrophy)

Weight training will help you build muscle mass, increase bone density and lose fat.

When done correctly it will also help you to gain a mind muscle connection enabling you to effectively execute every rep.

Weighted Metabolic Conditioning

Weighted metabolic conditioning combines the stimulus of weight training and the intensity of HIIT helping to burn calories while putting stress on the muscles.

Correct and safe technique should be a priority to avoid injury.

All of the above training styles will help you to change your body composition.

This is done by building muscle and losing fat all while improving your health and fitness, helping you to feel great.

Be sure to seek professional advice in terms of correct technique and programming.

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