Wasting time in the gym?

Are you wasting time in the gym?

Do you have a training plan ready before you enter the gym?

Do you have a trainer that has a progressive plan worked out for you (not just a random session with no aim)?

Do you execute your plan to the fullest making the most of every second in the gym?


Do you get distracted and end up chatting?

While talking to other gym members is definitely a huge benefit of training as it creates relationships and helps keep your training positive it can be counter productive.

Wasting time in the gym chatting or scrolling through facebook is burning through your training session.

You may think you train for an hour but in reality you are likely actively training for only 30 minutes with all of your chatting breaks.

To avoid this here are some things you can do to avoid wasting time in the gym:

Time your rest periods.

Setting your timer between sets will prevent distractions and make the most of your training time.

Hire a trainer to motivate you.

A trainer should motivate you and keep you working throughout the session ensuring you not only use your time effectively but get great results at the same time.

Join a coached facility.

Coached facilities work on a group training Philosophy. Sessions are delivered by a coach to motivate you, correct technique and be sure you are working as hard as possible in your session.

Train alone with your headphones.

While talking is great it can be a big distraction! Training alone while wearing headphones will help you to avoid unwanted conversations enabling you to fully focus on your training.

Want to be better at time keeping in the gym while being pushed, technique corrected and motivated?

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