Post Covid-19 training plan


With gyms potentially re-opening soon (fingers crossed🤞🏼) I think it’s important to get a little message across about your training plan.

Do NOT try to start from where you left off before lockdown. Although it may seem obvious, there are many people that will walk back into the gym and not only compare themselves to what they were 3 months back but actually hold it against themselves and feel like they have failed just because they can’t jump back straight to that heavy deadlift.

Comparing your self to something that you are unlikely to achieve for obvious reasons will just demotivate you and create a bad mindset around training, this is the perfect time to refresh training plan and your focus and bring a new goal the the front of your mind, use positive accountability and motivation techniques not negative.

Upon reopening all of my personal clients and all of our members will be fairly steadily reintroduced to these big exercises through their training plan.

We will not be comparing to what they did months back, think about that time you went on holiday for a week or two, returned to the gym to feel like you had never touched a weight in your life! This is 3 months if not longer!

Over this time I haven’t had any heavy weight training in my training plan but with the opportunity to get back into the gym now (perks) I am easing my way back into these big lifts, slow, steady, controlled pause reps on every exercise, focusing on executing the exercise the best I possibly can on every rep, feeling the muscle groups activate that should actually activate in that particular exercise.

Today I worked on deadlifts, both conventional and romanian.


Here are some tips:


Full deadlift.

– Perform pause reps with a light weight (hold at the knee for 3-5 seconds).
– Control the negative (on the way down).
– Breathe!
– Squeeze your core (stomach).
– Do not lean back try to activate and squeeze your glutes to finish the rep.
– Keep those knees soft, you should never lock out your knees.
– Keep that weight light.
– Do not bend your elbows or try to curl the bar, keep those elbows tight throughout.


Romanian deadlift.

– Soft knees throughout.
– Keep your back tight (think chest up and bum up).
– Only go as low as your hamstrings take you (do not let your back round off) (use a mirror to help check form).
– You will loose tension from your hamstrings through bending your knees too much, try to keep your knees as straight as possible but with a slight bend (there is a fine line).
– Again breathe!
– Hold at the bottom of the rep.

One last tip! Enjoy, sleep and eat well, your training will only take you so far. It’s not only abs that are made in the kitchen but also strength and muscle mass.

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