Get better progress in the gym

Things to change in the gym to make better progress.
❌ Don’t punch with dumbbells.
✔️ Do pad or bag work, or even shadow boxing.
❌ Don’t squat with a bar pad.
✔️ Do squeeze your shoulders back and up slightly to push up your traps, this is where the bar lives.
❌ Don’t use wrist straps when lifting.
✔️ Do progressively increase the strength in your wrists over time.
❌ Don’t do hours of mindless cardio.
✔️ Do strength/weight train and add weights to your cardio workout.
❌ Don’t let the bar leave your legs when deadlifting.
✔️ Do keep the bar in contact with your legs at all times.
❌ Don’t enter the gym with no plan.
✔️ Do have a programme set up for you and your goals and follow it appropriately.
❌ Don’t just straight into your heavy set.
✔️ Do warm up progressively and mobilise any joints necessary.
❌ Don’t bench press with your shoulders.
✔️ Do squeeze your shoulders back and down into the bench and keep them there throughout. The aim is to press though your chest, not to get the bar as high as possible.
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