Check List …..

REALITY CHECK (please read it all)

Are you actually trying to make a change or are you just waiting to see if things will happen?

There is a big difference between getting close to the end of the day, realising you have only done 8000 steps and saying….

“Oh well, maybe ill hit my target tomorrow”
“I’m going to go for a walk with the dog/walk to the shop/go on the treadmill to make sure I get my steps done!”

“Oh iv only done 2 sessions in the gym this week, never mind ill see if I can make 3 next week”
“I know I need to do more than this so I’ll get to a bootcamp/ go for a jog/ go swimming at the weekend to get more done!”

“I’m struggling to drink more water, Ill just drink what I normally have, it doesn’t matter”
“Ill set a timer to make sure I drink/ I’ll have a drink of water instead with my meals to increase my intake / I’ll use this water bottle that tells me how much I need to drink per hour!”

Don’t get to the end of the month and think “I WISH I HAD DONE MORE”!