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Why Movement?

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Does this sound like you?

  • You’re tired of being TIRED all the time and not having enough energy to keep up with life


  • You want to workout but have no time to get to the gym


  • When you finally DO make it to the gym… what do you even do?


  • The small changes you might’ve made don’t seem to be making a difference


  • Things that fit a while ago no longer fit, and you’re tired of going up or down a size


  • You’re unhappy with the way you look and feel


  • You keep trying a new plan only to give up after a week or two and go back to old habits


  • You need to break the cycle!!

Then you need..

  • Fun but intense workouts designed to help you achieve your goals


  • Guidance on form and exercise execution, so you know you’re ALWAYS lifting safely and effectively


  • A team that will keep you accountable and motivated, week in week out


  • A community of like minded, fun and enthusiastic people who will keep you on track


  • A 1-to-1 Goal setting session: We’ll dial into where you currently are and design the perfect customised transformation program based on your specific goals!

Will You Be Our Next Success Story?

Richard Mchugh

Before joining Movement my weight was 17st 7lbs but with the guidance of Aaron and Kerrie over the next 10 week my weight dropped to 15st 13lbs and a total inch loss of 24.5.

I found the classes enjoyable and well structured within a friendly relaxed environment. There is a mixture of abilities and ages among the members and all are encouraging to one another’s development and personal achievements.
I’d recommend anyone who wants to make a positive lifestyle change to join Movement… I’m glad I did.

Lisa bailey

The course lasted for 12 weeks and included nutritional advice, group training sessions and a check in meeting every 4 weeks

 When I completed the course I had lost 1st 7lbs and a total of 24.5 inches. I was amazed! I didn’t just lose weight and inches. I gained strength, a healthier lifestyle and confidence! 

The support from Kerry and Aaron has been incredible throughout and I’m looking forward to continuing on this journey with Team Movement. I urge anyone who wants to make a change, to make a commitment and sign up. You won’t regret it!

*Testimonials from actual clients with unique results. Your results will vary based upon your commitment to the programme, diet, and body type.

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