Our monthly membership option is perfect if you want to lose fat while gaining strength and confidence in an environment that is supportive with added accountability.

Our sessions are strength are conditioning based, teaching you big movements such as squats and deadlifts. All of our sessions are limited to 8 people, perfect for that one to one feeling gaining the benefits that would come with personal training without the higher price point.

Our sessions are different to most “traditional” classes. We focus our training on helping each and every member achieve perfect exercise technique to prevent injury and aid progression as well as hit their fat loss goals.

Training sessions are finished with a met-con style workout, these workouts are always different to keep you focus and interested and will push you hard to force progression.

Our sessions are planned this way to get you the benefits of strength training (Muscle development, Fat loss, Strength gain and overall stability) as well as metabolic conditioning (Fitness improvement, Fat loss, increased metabolism and lung capacity).

Although this may sound a little scary and daunting our training is open to all experience and fitness levels. Right now all of this sounds new and uncertain but trust us you will learn the movements, gain confidence and show up to each session ready to beat your previous efforts.

It’s all about you, you are your only competition.

£86.50 PER MONTH