Aaron Keightley

I’m Aaron, I am co-owner and co-head coach of Movement. In my 4 and a half years as a coach I have built a strong knowledge base not only around health and fitness but also people and their habits. Creating good strong habits is one big key step to not only achieving success in your fitness journey but maintaining your results for long term success.

Previously I have worked in large commercial gyms an smaller privately owned gyms, I have been fortunate enough to see the good and the not so good in all of these places, this is what brought us to embark on our own journey of creating Movement Health and Fitness, we have built a business that is centred around our members and helping them achieve the best results possible.

From your nutrition to your training and lifestyle, we have everything worked out for you and processes in place to help you no matter what hurdle comes in your way.

Kerrie Hunt

I’m Kerrie and I am co-owner and co-head coach of Movement. I have been a coach and PT for over 4 years and have worked on building my knowledge to continuously provide the highest service I can.

I’ve always been active with running, body building, CrossFit and even had my own PT before embarking on my own career.

Before Movement I worked at both commercial and private gyms that provided the usual gym equipment and basic classes with no extra help for members (unless you paid for it).

My main focus with clients is to build their knowledge so they can make changes to their lifestyle, nutrition and training all while understanding why. I approach each client with a different mentality as everyone needs a personal touch, what works for one person doesn’t always work for others.

I am thrilled to have our own facility so we have the freedom to offer everything we can to everyone that walks through our doors.